DISQO Opens Office in Armenia

Only one year after opening an office in Connecticut, CX platform DISQO announced the addition of its branch in Armenia. In June 2018, the company raised $13.5 million in funding to support the company’s continued growth. With the number of clients increasing, so did the number of DISQO employees and the need for a new office.

DISQO Co-Founder and CTO, Drew Kutcharian, visited Armenia following the opening to meet the local tech community and talented new team members. The new office in Armenia is home to DISQO’s rapidly growing engineering team, helping the company achieve larger-scale initiatives and projects. The team in this office collaborates daily with the teams in the US.

Speaking to the latest changes, DISQO Co-Founder and CEO Armen Adjemian stated, “We are excited about tapping into a talented pool of people to help us build the product and scale our company. Armenia has a flourishing tech community which we want to connect with at this early stage.”

Expressing enthusiasm for the opportunities that lie ahead, Kutcharian stated, “Our team in Armenia is going to be an innovation hub, involved in R&D. They are going to do the same development the US office does. Our goal is to align our efforts with other companies to really try to help further push the Armenian tech community forward. There is a lot of work to be done on all fronts.”



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