DISQO Profile: Getting to Know Karen Hung

Keeping projects moving and clients happy requires a considerable amount of organization, timeliness, and coordination between cross-functional teams. Just ask Karen Hung, Director of Client Operations at DISQO. Between managing current projects and working through proposals for new business, Karen has a busy schedule.

Discover a day in the life of Karen in this week’s DISQO profile!

The Day-to-Day
As the Director of Client Operations, Karen’s typical day involves a myriad of moving pieces. Speaking to her daily responsibilities, Karen noted, “It’s a balancing act of making sure we keep our clients happy by ensuring projects are in-field and out of field on time, while maximizing revenue and protecting our panelists.”

An average day involves collaboration with project managers to ensure projects are running smoothly, phone calls with sales reps on proposals for upcoming projects, and meetings with product team members for quality assurance.

Life Before DISQO
Karen has been in the industry for over 13 years and has been exposed to all the different market research methodologies and responsibilities that come with it. She feels well equipped for her role at DISQO because of this, being able to speak to our products and features while also providing recommendations to the Sales team and clients as needed.

The Perfect Fit
What made DISQO the right fit? In her own words: “DISQO allows me the flexibility to do things I see fit for each situation. We’re not stuck in a very corporate and structured process, which allows us to be a bit more creative in the way we do our tasks.”

Continuously Improving & Uplifting
At DISQO, we strive to continuously improve ourselves and create a real impact, while also being open and uplifting towards one another. How does Karen incorporate this into her work life? She has honed her collaboration skills between different teams and departments. Knowing the work that goes into each decision, as well as the impact it has among the teams, has allowed her to grow as a manager and team player.

Karen also finds it important to get to know everyone in the company. “Every role is critical to the success of the company. Interactions with people I don’t normally work with as closely during lunch, at outings, in the hallway, or even in the bathroom allows me to better know them and learn more about them.”

Acting as a Resource
How does Karen act as a resource for the rest of her team? She always makes herself available to them and everyone else in the company. She stated, “I truly believe in order for the team to succeed, the team needs to trust that I’m there to support them, work alongside them, and lead them.”

Karen also turns to others for professional guidance, one being her dad, who’s been managing a company for a long time. “I have seen him lead a company successfully and build relationships with clients who are now his personal friends.”

Favorite DISQO Moment
We then asked Karen what her favorite moment with the DISQO team has been so far and she said she loves our impromptu happy hours at the office! “It just shows we all enjoy the people we work with and are able to just have fun.”

Outside the Office
On the weekends, Karen looks forward to going to the gym and spin class on Sundays and doing absolutely nothing afterwards. She says “that peace and quietness are hard to come by.” Karen loves doing spin because it allows her to focus on nothing but pedaling as hard as she can and is the perfect destressor.

We continued the conversation by asking Karen to tell us some of her favorites: favorite animal, app, show, and music. Here’s what she had to say:

  • Favorite animal: Dogs — Their unconditional love and loyalty is so pure. “Something humans are lacking especially in this day and age!”
  • Favorite app: Instagram — “I find it interesting how there’s so many people who feel the need to let the world know their every move and whereabouts. It’s mindless and entertaining when you need a quick break.”
  • Favorite show: The Handmaid’s Tale — “It’s so dark and backwards but really touches on some of the reality we’re all facing today.”
  • Favorite music: Nothing specific! Karen turns on the radio while driving and sings along to any song she recognizes.

Fun Facts
Karen has lived in 3 different countries (US, Taiwan, and Japan) and 6 different cities (Pasadena, Huntington Beach, Dallas, Chicago, Tokyo, and Taipei)!

Plus, she speak a few languages, English, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese (none of which she claims to be good at).

The Future of the Industry
We then asked Karen to speak to the future of the industry, providing her input on what 3 things she thinks will change in the next 3 years. Here’s her response:

  1. “The number of companies providing quality data will be more limited due to the recent acquisitions and mergers among the companies in the industry.
  2. There will only be a few companies left that are able to provide data through a true proprietary panel because companies are less willing to spend money investing in the panel.
  3. Traditional sampling will become more rare as companies are looking for more innovative ways of learning consumer behaviors.”

What type of ad does Karen think she’ll be targeted with next? “Shoes (sneakers and heels), two things I don’t wear often but love to browse for and buy.”

Looking Ahead
In terms of what Karen is looking forward to most in the next 5 years, she is anxious to see what the industry will evolve into as “every company is trying to find and develop their own breakthrough product.”

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