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Another year at DISQO starts off with great news: we are now one of Built In LA’s best places to work in 2020. Today, the trusted local publication released its official lists for top places to work in 2020, recognizing DISQO among both the top midsize companies and the companies with the best benefits.

Granted, benefits alone don’t create a great place to work, and we are incredibly thankful for each member of the DISQO team who contributes to our success and culture.  While each team throughout our company has its own unique personality, the combination of those teams and people have created a vibrant culture and an environment worthy of recognition.

What is it that makes DISQO such a special place to work?



DISQO employees enjoy a variety of benefits that keep getting better with each passing year as we grow, accommodating changing needs and an evolving environment. Regular team bonding events, flex-vacation, catered lunches, and amazing coworkers are just a few of the reasons that our workplace is unlike many others in the best ways. While perks alone don’t necessarily define a workplace, they do amplify the overall environment, fostering a positive, productive, and happy atmosphere for all of the amazing people that call DISQO home.



About Builtin LA

Built in LA is committed to creating an ideal environment for potential employers and employees to explore the world of tech recruiting. With a broad network of connections in different cities, Built In LA helps highlight and connect both sides of the tech recruiting world.

Built In’s “Best Midsize Companies” list rates companies with 101-500 employees based on their employer benefits and employee submitted compensation data. Rank is determined by combining a company’s score in each of these categories. 

Built In’s “Companies With the Best Benefits” list rates companies based on their employer benefits data. Rank is determined by assigning scores to the benefits that are most important to Builtin’s  audience.

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