Social Responsibility at DISQO: Our Commitment and Path Forward

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Growth comes from discovery, from taking the time to meaningfully listen to the voices and signals around you, however quiet or obscured they may be. That’s why empowering people to be heard is central to what we do.

At DISQO, we are driven to engage people of all backgrounds to share their opinions and behaviors openly, and we reward each and every person equitably for their participation. This creates a sustainable ecosystem, and, in turn, empowers our clients to make smarter decisions.

However, society itself does not always engage equally or reward fairly, and the events that have unfolded in recent weeks have brought these inequalities into focus.

In June, our CEO Armen Adjemian sent a letter to the entire DISQO organization sharing his thoughts on current events, our collective mission, and how every single person and company has the responsibility to speak up on inequalities and injustices everywhere. Today, we are sharing that letter openly, along with an update on what specific steps we’ve taken to date and what we intend to do moving forward

DISQO Nation,

There is a lot of pain and anger in the world right now. People watched the unconscionable killing of George Floyd, and it has provoked protests and a worldwide outcry against deeply rooted discrimination and a history of racism, especially against the Black community.

This week, I had to explain to my 10yr old and 8yr old boys what racism really means. I had to explain why Black parents have to have “the talk” with their children as a how-to guide for surviving police encounters. This week, I had to have deeper conversations about inequality and how every child does not have an equal starting chance in life. And to begin to right these inequalities, we must first acknowledge it publicly.

We must acknowledge the inequalities that stem from systemic racial injustice and economic oppression, which still exist today. We must acknowledge that we cannot be bystanders and that each of us has a responsibility to better our society.

DISQO was built upon the premise that people’s voices should be heard. DISQO was built upon Servant Leadership, which embodies listening, empowering our people, and helping others to be their best selves. We must embrace these values not just at work but also in our communities. We must listen to the voices of people, engage in dialogue, and look inward to effectuate change.

More than ever, the wrong thing to say, is to say nothing. Conversations need to happen around our kitchen tables with our loved ones. More conversations need to happen at our workplace about diversity and inclusion. And these conversations should become initiatives to create change for a better and just world for everyone.

At DISQO, we reject racism and exclusion of any kind. We stand in solidarity with the Black community. And we commit to being part of the solution.



What’s Next

Historically, DISQO has made concerted efforts to support underrepresented groups in tech, from partnering with WomenHack LA last year to our ongoing involvement with WiRe (Women in Research). In the same vein, we have hosted workshops, lectures, and training sessions for people considering getting into the space, and we’ve implemented Bryq to promote a form of blind hiring.

Still, there’s more to do. As growth comes from listening, we are actively holding open conversations and empowering every member of DISQO to have a voice as we forge the path forward.

We took time to reflect on Juneteenth, and as we continue to listen and to reflect, we are also taking more steps to act, including:

Starting conversations. To start the conversation and ensure everyone is involved, we have engaged our employees as OneDISQO to foster discussions around diversity, and inclusion, and social impact.

Being open and transparent. Just as we have embraced internal transparency in other areas of our business, we are now openly discussing workforce demographics with our team members, sharing where we are and where there is opportunity for change.

Empowering each other. Building upon our initial conversations, we have formed Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). One of our ERGs is focused on diversity and inclusion, and the other ERG is focused on social impact. These groups are responsible for engaging and educating employees in these areas as well as soliciting feedback and ideas, helping DISQO make a broader impact in the world while becoming the best company we can be.

This journey is not over, and as we continue to discover how we can make an impact, we will do our part and continue to share that journey with you.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” — MLK Jr.

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