Decision Analyst Expands Sampling with DISQO Integration

DISQO is excited to announce our new systems integration partnership with Decision Analyst, one of the nation’s largest privately owned marketing research firms. Decision Analyst can now blend our audience offerings with their American Consumer Opinion® Online samples through their Icion® Sampling Platform.

At DISQO, we take pride in having built the largest proprietary opted-in consumer audience in the US, which is why Decision Analyst chose us.

“We chose to partner with DISQO because of its leadership in fraud detection technology, its large and continuously updated U.S. panel, and its advanced sampling systems,” said Jerry W. Thomas, President/CEO of Decision Analyst. “Their focus on data quality mirrors our own. We pride ourselves on our own sampling and fraud detection technologies, so the relationship between our two companies is synergistic and will provide the top respondents in the industry.”

With this new integration, Decision Analyst will have the ability to conduct their research using our industry-leading sampling technology, and also build robust and modern approaches to qualitative research and in-home usage tests.

Decision Analyst is one of the leading research and analytics firms in North America, conducting advanced global studies on marketing strategy, segmentation, advertising optimization, and product development. They were even named the #1 Custom Quantitative Research Agency in the US in 2020 (based on annual benchmarking surveys by Prevision).

“We are honored to be working with Decision Analyst because of their outstanding reputation within the research industry and long history of providing great client service,” said Bonnie Breslauer, Chief Evangelist. “Both our companies are totally committed to quality assurance, with the highest levels of sampling and data integrity backed by exceptional service.”

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