DISQO and Nestle Purina at the ARF Attribution and Analytics Accelerator conference

Attend any advertising industry conference and you’re sure to hear both panic and promises around the demise of the third-party cookie. The recent ARF Attribution and Analytics Accelerator event was no exception, where I was joined by Emily Weishaupt, Communications Insights Manager, Nestlé Purina to speak about how measurement can work in a cookieless world. 

We shared how DISQO is helping Purina solve this current challenge in a consumer-centric way with our Brand Lift and Outcomes Lift products, during our session, “The Silver Lining To The Crumbling Cookie: Turning To Better Means Of Measurement.”*

Through the DISQO CX platform, Purina was able to understand the lift of their advertising by tapping into DISQO's audience, who have opted in to share not just their attitudes, but also their behavior. Emily demonstrated how they connected what consumers said (their attitudes) with what they did (their behavior) to inform their campaign strategy.

She told attendees: “Knowing that these channels are not just lifting equity measures, but that they’re also getting people down the funnel with our brands has been really important for us and a really rich way to look at campaign performance beyond just the historical brand lift.” 

The truly exciting thing that Emily spoke about was her ability to gain insight across siloed platforms across channels using DISQO’s platform. “We originally approached DISQO with the primary goal of getting cross-channel lift measurements without reliance on third-party cookies. In our efforts to get something that could simply help us with the future state of data privacy and the data landscape, we got a measurement solution that provides additional benefits to us as well.”

For the past few years this ARF conference has recognized innovators in advertising measurement. It was fantastic to chat with Emily and learn how Purina is using DISQO to address the cookie challenge and get even better measurement than what they had before.

* This video was recorded by the Advertising Research Foundation as part of their virtual event programming. Please visit the www.thearf.org for more information about this and other events.

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