Let’s DISQO. Building a world-class customer success team

Stacy Perrus
May 24, 2023

DISQO’s David Karp on making customer connections valuable to the rest of the organization

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DISQO’s Customer Success team, which is hiring for job openings, sits at the junction of DISQO and our clients. They bring their expertise in market research and advertising measurement, along with deep knowledge of the features and capabilities of DISQO’s platform and products to bear on our clients’ projects to ensure their needs are understood and projects are executed flawlessly. 



DISQO’s VP of Customer Success, David Karp, talks about the opportunities ahead for the team, its growth, and the privilege of being able to represent the voice of the customer across the entire DISQO organization – and vice versa. 

We have job openings for people who are passionate about customer success. See our career opportunities here. Let’s DISQO!

“I always think about customer success not as a department but as a company mindset. And the only way we can live that out is if we’re all working together from the same base of understanding of what’s happening with our customers.”

-David Karp, VP Customer Success

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