DISQO is one of the 2022 GRIT Most Innovative Suppliers

DISQO featured in GRIT Most Innovative Top 50, Field Services Agency and Technology Providers lists

When it comes to industry recognition of innovation, Greenbook’s GRIT Most Innovative Top 50 Suppliers list is among the top honors to receive, and DISQO is proud to be included this year. It’s a testament to our work over the past few years to build our customer experience (CX) platform, offering our wide-ranging clients the insight, access, and scale they need to make informed business decisions.

This year, DISQO ranked in three categories, including #42 in the overall Top 50 list. To build the list, Greenbook surveys the industry each year to determine which companies are perceived as being the most innovative and to learn what actually denotes being innovative in the mind of its respondents. In addition to our ranking on the Top 50 list, we were also #14 on the Field Service Agency list and #25 on the Technology Provider list.

Why DISQO is a GRIT Most Innovative Supplier

INNOVATION: Powering insights through behavior 

As a GRIT Most Innovative company, DISQO empowers our clients to understand every customer experience – every customer, touchpoint and outcome – with our CX platform. We’re able to do this through the unprecedented relationships we’ve forged with consumers in our audience. Our members opt in to share online behaviors from their customer journeys and their opinions about brands, products, services and more. Our future-proof approach measures the full customer journey by connecting what people do with what they say, without relying on the languishing third-party cookie or other unreliable methods such as IP addresses and mobile IDs. 

Our clients use this unique capability in many ways, including building a better understanding of ad campaign effectiveness across all media – TV, CTV, mobile, digital, and hard-to-measure siloed social media platforms. Through our Brand Lift and Outcomes Lift ad measurement services, our clients are able to prove their campaigns’ value through the full funnel. In addition to understanding advertising performance, measuring online activity allows our clients to more effectively target Research based on behavioral signals and eliminate the say-do gap that traditionally exists in market research. 

INNOVATION: Accessing insights through our always-on platform, API or a personal touch

The GRIT Most Innovative list recognizes important technology players in the industry as well. The DISQO CX platform allows our clients to test their ideas and gain rapid consumer feedback through our Experience Suite. With fast, easy and reliable customer feedback, decision-makers don’t have to fly blind. Instead, they can learn and act quickly, and eliminate low-quality “shadow research.” 

We also partner with the industry’s largest market research agencies to enable direct connection to the DISQO CX platform through our feature-rich API services. Researchers can maximize access to the DISQO audience and maintain control of survey fielding so they can focus on delivering relevant and critical insights.

But there are also times when a more hands-on consultative approach is necessary. We have dedicated and experienced team members who work with clients directly to build the insights they need.

INNOVATION: Insights at scale

As a GRIT Most Innovative Field Services Agency winner, DISQO stands out for the size of our audience. Our CX platform is powered by the largest proprietary audience with 24M+ lifetime members (2M average active members per quarter). DISQO has delivered 160M+ survey completes to-date, averaging 18M+ completes per quarter on top of the 3B+ digital touchpoints collected per quarter. 

The sheer size of our audience allows clients to build insights that are representative of the US national population and weight audiences according to their specific targets. Additionally, research can be targeted to traditional demographic segments or it can be targeted to consumers who are demonstrating relevant behaviors, such as those who are actively searching and shopping for a car. This allows brands to discover new consumer insights, track ad and brand performance, evaluate new product concepts, or benchmark industry trends, all with greater speed and reliability. 

For the GRIT Most Innovative Supplier list, insights buyers and service providers of insights were surveyed worldwide. We’re honored to join an impressive list of industry pioneers, and look forward to continuing to innovate and push our industry forward by building a better, more agile and reliable understanding of the full customer experience.

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