A Marketer’s Guide to Gen Z Voters

Learn what resonates with Gen Zers during the presidential campaign and beyond

As we dive deeper into the heated 2024 presidential election year, political candidates’ messages promise to seep into nearly every platform and channel with audience reach. But, this won’t be an election like any other. Gen Zers are entering adulthood, and as they do, they will stand out as a pivotal force, reshaping culture and thus… marketing strategies for years to come. 

Representing one-fifth of the US population, Gen Zers who are already of voting age will be a significant factor in the 2024 election. They are more liberal but are less likely to vote than older generations. This means that candidates’ messaging and media strategies will need to work even harder to get these potential voters to the polls. 

Examining how political campaigns are successful in motivating these young voters will provide insight for every marketer trying to tap this audience. DISQO’s new report, A Marketer’s Guide to the Gen Z Voter, highlights their political ideologies, voting intentions, and the challenges they face in a politically turbulent era.

Here, we examine what marketers should keep an eye on this election season to align with Gen Z.

Gen Z voters love social media

Gen Z's reliance on social media for news and information is unparalleled. Thirty-two percent of Gen Z (32%) consider social media their primary source for information about the presidential election. The medium is also their most trusted.

But, politicians have been slow to activate an engaging presence on social media, particularly TikTok. According to NPR, less than half a percent of US congresspeople have an active TikTok account, and all of them are Democrats. Yet, DISQO’s 2023 TikTok report revealed that three-quarters of Gen Z use TikTok and 64% use the app nearly every day.

Despite Republican’s avoidance of TikTok, Gen Z isn’t a liberal-only generation. According to our new report, A Marketer’s Guide to the Gen Z Voter, 29% of Gen Z identifies as conservative. For conservative and liberal candidates alike, the message is clear: Gen Z may not see if you if you’re not in their feeds. Their trust in social media underlines the strategic imperative for any brand (politicians, products, or services) to cultivate an authentic social media presence.

2024 is political advertising’s “Reputation Era” 

Older generations’ opinions of political ads are already cemented, and it’s not a pretty picture. But, Gen Z presents an opportunity for a reset as campaigns explore new strategies to reach voters. While there is already a trust problem with 43% saying they find political ads untrustworthy, 18% still trust them – and that’s more than any other generation.  

As the least skeptical demographic, it's crucial to move beyond the tactics of yesteryear in resonating with Gen Z to gain their trust today. Gen Z appreciates authenticity, and campaigns can build trust by adopting a more genuine and relatable approach in their advertising efforts.

Can political advertising change its reputation? It’s a question that has yet to be answered and watching how campaigns approach Gen Z’s clean slate is something all marketers should keep a close eye on in 2024. 

Gen Z voters’ minds are at home

To effectively resonate with Gen Z, marketers must keep a pulse on their concerns and priorities. DISQO’s A Marketer’s Guide to Gen Z Voters provides a view of the issues that matter most to the cohort, shedding light on the nuances that shape their worldview.

Domestic issues like the economy, abortion and women’s health issues, and healthcare top the list of issues for Gen Z. While these issues may not be fodder for most campaigns, smart marketers will stay apprised of what is keeping their customers up at night. They should ensure that their messaging is not tone-deaf to economic and societal uncertainties, while also communicating empathy and understanding. Gen Z knows what’s trending - marketers should too.

Understanding Gen Z's priorities goes beyond mere market research – audience insights must be embedded into campaign design: message, creative, and media strategy. This is the only path to authentically resonating with Gen Z. By aligning messaging with the issues that matter most to Gen Z, marketers can establish a meaningful connection that transcends traditional advertising, contributing to a more nuanced and impactful brand-consumer relationship.

Measure your impact with Gen Z voters with DISQO

How 2024 candidates succeed (or not) in moving voting-age Gen Zers to action is an invaluable case study for any marketer with goals for winning over this generation coming into its full economic power. 

Establishing an authentic social media presence, messaging with sensitivity to issues of concern, and working to reduce skepticism in advertising are key strategies that marketers should prioritize. Understanding and adapting to Gen Z's preferences today can lead to successful engagement and long-term brand loyalty. Download the full report below for more insights.


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