A Marketer’s Guide to the Fediverse: Brand Experience

How can brands fuel growth in an ad-free environment?

As distrust in the current social media landscape grows, brands need to get creative with their social strategies to maintain their following. While its full potential has yet to be seen, the fediverse is redefining brand-consumer interactions with a renewed focus on authenticity, privacy, and community. 

Of course, brands can only benefit if the fediverse grows in popularity and sustains that momentum over time. However, the rise of this alternative vision offers valuable insights for social media marketers to apply to their work to meet consumers in the moment. Here, we distill down what insights you can leverage to optimize your content. 

Understand consumer attitudes about social media today.

Brands want to be where culture is happening. As people turn to the fediverse for more community, authenticity, and transparency, brands have an opportunity to learn from this shift and bring the fediverse’s foundational values to the center of your content, whether on a fediverse network or mainstream social platform. Let your audience know that you’re listening and adapting as their attitudes change. And, consider a “boots on the ground” approach to community management to ensure your brand is taking part in their conversations.

Find a measurement partner that is positioned to adapt to new platforms.

Adland’s access to consumer data is waning as traditional methodologies like cookies fade. Marketers must retool how they execute and evaluate campaigns. Look to an objective, reliable measurement partner to gauge social media effectiveness. 

  • Single-source. Data from various sources offers a disconnected view of the consumer journey. A consistent provider ensures insights are gleaned from a similar audience.
  • Full-funnel. Understanding brand impacts is critical, but a lack of unified visibility into behavioral impacts limits confidence in overall ROI. Find a partner that can track metrics through the funnel, from brand awareness down to e-commerce activity. 
  • Cross-media. Most campaigns today are heavily focused on a cross-channel approach. Identifying a partner that can measure the value of exposure in a fragmented digital environment provides a competitive edge.

Take an agile, iterative approach to content development.

Consumers are inundated with brand messages at every turn. To cut through the noise, marketers must deliver content that actually moves consumer perceptions and behaviors. A test-and-learn agenda is paramount to understanding what’s working or not with your audience, and how to iterate. For example, try out content formats that align with the communal nature of fediverse platforms ( forums, videos and podcasts). Then, measure their effectiveness up and down the funnel.

Take on emerging platforms like fediverse networks with DISQO!

Brands have work to do in mainstream and decentralized social media to create brand experiences that resonate with consumers. How they build, maintain and resonate with social media communities can strongly influence brand growth. 

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