Bet on zero-party data in the cookieless future

You’ve heard this story before: THIRD-PARTY COOKIES ARE GOING AWAY. And more generally, digital identity solutions are going through a MASSIVE DISRUPTION. It’s going to be CRAZY. It's time to bet on zero-party data in the cookieless future.

Brands need digital identifiers for effective attribution; media publishers need them for revenue; and customers need them for personalized experiences. So, this is huge. If you look past the doomsaying hyperbole, the truth is that advertisers are facing a fundamental change in the technology of online identity that they use to prove the efficacy of advertising.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity

To prepare for the current/future “cookie-pocalypse,” new solutions are fighting to become the heir apparent. Data clean rooms, cohort-based solutions, digital fingerprints, hashed emails, alternative IDs… the list goes on. Unfortunately, the advertising industry is still waiting to crown any clear royalty, as each alternative suffers from a unique combination of high complexity, low accuracy, minimal buy-in, and/or elevated privacy concerns.

Advertisers are left with an extremely fragmented landscape for campaign effectiveness measurement. Those holding onto the last crumbs of cookie-like technology face an eventual reckoning. Others attempting to trailblaze new solutions face daunting implementation hurdles: cross-platform inconsistency, poor adoption, low-fidelity privacy controls, and shallow intelligence functionalities. Overcoming any of these challenges is a huge accomplishment, and overcoming all of them simultaneously represents an elusive holy grail.

Put your chips down on zero-party and first-party data

Whenever it is that you believe the last vestiges of third-party cookie effectiveness will be sunset you need contingency plans. Instead of waiting in purgatory, make sure you stay ahead of the curve with multiple data options. If you leverage a combo of first-party and zero-party data solutions, even the worst consequences of a post-cookie transition may be averted.

First-party data: It’s an obvious - but sometimes daunting - choice for brands to build and leverage detailed customer information via their first-party relationships. While challenging to build, open to bias, and expensive to scale, fully-consented first-party data can be a strong foundation for advertising attribution, market research, and countless other insights functions.

Zero party data: While first-party data may not be accessible to everyone, zero-party data can be. Even if you have rich first-party data, when that data hits the proverbial wall, and when other sources are needed to triangulate insights, zero-party data is the ideal solution. When sourced from trusted vendors, this data can respect consumer privacy and consent, while providing a pathway that enables richer insights than other sources can provide.

Increase your confidence with DISQO

DISQO’s zero-party data, sourced from our industry-leading 2M+ member audience, empowers bands to measure and analyze digital behaviors directly with fully-consented consumers. We run the technology infrastructure and manage the audience, and we do so in ways that are both privacy compliant and ethical.

This data gives you something cookies [or cookie-like technology] cannot: de-identified, individual-level digital activity that’s measured over time, linked to survey responses, and traceable across myriad digital channels.

Learn more about our direct audience of consumers who have opted in to tell you about their customer experiences, including their exposures and interactions with advertising. Read our larger report here.

You’ll learn how DISQO’s Brand Lift and Outcomes Lift products offer:
    • Comprehensive measurement across media channels; we solve your fragmentation challenges
    • Consistent mirror match methodology between control and exposed groups to deliver true advertising lift
    • Single-source measurement of traditional brand metrics, plus downstream digital behaviors post-ad exposure.

Ready when you are… the future of identity is here

At DISQO, we’re excited about the changing future of consumer privacy and digital identity. We hope you are too! We’d love to partner with you on solutions that drive value for your brand, agency, or media platform. Download our report today to learn more!

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