Brand Lift Measurement and Customer Journey Mapping in a Cookieless World

How cross-platform, full-funnel measurement shape ad measurement and customer journey mapping

Teads’ Neala Brown, a pioneer in modern advertising solutions, explores the intricacies of objectively measuring brand lift and purchase journey behaviors. Teads is a global media platform serving advertisers and publishers with a powerful buying interface for cookieless placement of digital video, creating experiences that get noticed and delivering guaranteed outcomes for their clients. Neala is an expert in advertising intelligence and leads the team at Teads which is known for its innovative approaches to measurement. 

Hear from Neala about modern brand lift studies, cross-platform marketing, and the future of measurement.

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Q: What is the importance of proving campaign efficacy through outcomes-based measurement?

At Teads, demonstrating the effectiveness of our platform through outcomes-based measurement is of utmost importance. This applies to brand lift and behavioral lift outcomes. We're dedicated to collaborating with innovative partners who can help us prove and enhance the efficacy of our platform for advertisers and agencies. For example, we're exploring attention metrics extensively, since it’s an increasingly important factor. Our commitment to proving outcomes stems from our desire to provide comprehensive solutions to our partners.

Q: How does measurement of attention play into your approach to media measurement and campaign outcomes?

Attention has gained significant traction in recent years, and for good reason. It's a key metric in understanding the quality of media engagement. Our relationships with premium publishers and focus on media quality led us to exploring attention as an innovative approach to understanding engagement. We've transitioned from lab-based studies to in-market campaigns, working with partners like DISQO to analyze the relationship between attention and campaign outcomes. This journey has allowed us to correlate attention with positive campaign results, giving us valuable insights into media measurement.

Q: How do you ensure you're effectively measuring outcomes across different channels and the full funnel?

With expansion into CTV and omni-channel strategies for digital video, understanding the role of various channels in delivering outcomes is crucial. We recognize the importance of comprehending how different channels contribute to campaign success. Moreover, full-funnel marketing is integral to Teads’ strategy. Teasing out the interplay between different channels and their impact across the funnel is vital for our clients' successes. We’re able to optimize and plan iteratively, creating valuable feedback loops through this omnichannel approach.

Q:  How are you thinking about cleanrooms, consent, and the future of measurement as data limitations and privacy regulations evolve?

Addressing consumer consent and privacy is paramount for us. Ensuring integrity in measurement while respecting privacy regulations is a priority. As we move toward a cookieless future, we're actively exploring options like cleanrooms, server-to-server integrations, and diverse identifiers. We're focused on maintaining the highest standards of data ethics and ensuring a seamless transition even as the data landscape evolves.

Q: How has DISQO’s CX Platform delivered value for Teads? 

DISQO has been instrumental in our journey. As we've ventured into omni-channel measurement, DISQO has provided reliable solutions to measure campaign efficacy across various channels. Plus, DISQO’s ability to measure behavioral outcomes has been valuable as we've launched mid-funnel products. With DISQO, we’ve been able to delve into brand measures and better understand their impact on user behavior, thus aligning with our goals of comprehensive measurement.

Q: What challenges do you see connecting lower- and upper-funnel ad effectiveness measures?  How are you working to address these challenges?

Connecting lower- and upper-funnel measures presents challenges, especially as advertisers focus on pulling back from brand investments. However, we understand the vital importance that brand building plays. We're working on real-time campaign measurement to bridge this gap and show the impact of brand efforts on performance metrics. The goal is to demonstrate the long-term effects of brand investments on actual sales, proving the significance of brand-building.

Q: How is Teads adapting its ad effectiveness measurement strategies as cookies continue to deprecate? 

We've been actively engaged in cookieless inventory exploration, testing, and learning with advertisers to understand efficacy. Our approach involves transitioning to cookieless solutions while maintaining measurement integrity. We've focused on media-centered metrics and partnered with DISQO to assess campaign outcomes in the cookieless landscape. This transition enables us to ensure campaign success while embracing the evolving data environment.

Setting the standard for effective advertising measurement strategies

As the advertising landscape continues to evolve, Neala's insights shed light on the importance of innovative measurement strategies and maintaining measurement integrity in a privacy-conscious era. Teads' commitment to brand lift measurement, cross-platform marketing, and adapting to the cookieless future positions them at the forefront of the industry's transformation.

For more about Neala’s work on advancing advertising measurement, listen to the on-demand Adweek webinar where she joined Havas Media Group’s Teodora Scutelnicu, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Noelle Huynh, and DISQO’s Stephen Jepson.  

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