Four reasons you need a research API now

The dynamics of supply and demand for survey sample are rapidly changing. It is becoming increasingly harder to find and lock down the right high-quality audience for research studies and competition for trustworthy respondents is only increasing. How do you stand out from other buyers and prioritize your needs in connecting with consumers who want to share their opinions?

The answer – go straight to the source. Similar to how business models like direct-to-consumer and farm-to-table connect buyers with the solutions they need faster, it’s never been more important to have direct supplier relationships. What do direct relationships deliver?

1. Open and transparent data collection

If you crave direct interaction with your audience, you need true zero-party data, which is data directly and voluntarily shared by a consumer. Zero-party data provides high quality and accuracy, leading to better business decisions. Check out this article to learn about the additional benefits of using zero-party data over traditional first-party or third-party data.

2. Consistent quality

You need to ensure that bots and fraudsters are kept out of your research at every stage of the study and programmatically buying from a reliable source that you trust, relieves the anxiety of getting contaminated data.

By leveraging a research panel with direct member relationships, the great onus of fraud detection is taken off your shoulders. Having to manually filter out fraudulent responses is a lot of work and can cause delays. Instead, a zero-party proprietary panel takes care of identity verification from the get-go, starting from the initial sign up of a member. By utilizing sophisticated machine learning models that score panelists for fraud based on their unique behaviors and not just who they say they are, you can focus on finding insights, not scrubbing data.

3. Maximum survey delivery

The benefits of having a direct relationship with your sample provider are next to none, and what better way to tap into your suppliers than with an API integration? This allows you first access to sample and helps you maximize survey delivery. Programmatically gain direct access to a seamless flow of survey respondents, while maintaining full control. With an API integration pulling straight from the source, you have the freedom to manage firsthand the many different unique facets to your study – whether that is checking feasibility, targeting audience, adapting allocations and quotas, or survey throttling.

A direct connection with your supplier also allows you to capitalize on features built to optimize delivery that help you maximize the number of survey completes for your study. Download our Audience API product card to learn more.

4. Cost advantages

In addition, there are significant cost benefits to leveraging a survey panel supplier API. Apart from the savings you get on the audience sample itself, you also reduce time spent on manual project management and alleviate frustrations. Plus, working with a predictable cost structure eliminates any unwanted surprises down the road and ensures your study is tracking to plan, keeping all of your stakeholders happy.

As the market continues to evolve and change, researchers and brands will continue to seek out direct supplier relationships for programmatic survey sample. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace innovation in your respective workflow to keep up with the growing appetite for quality audience.

Automation is revolutionizing the way we think about survey sample. To see how easy it is to get started with DISQO’s Audience API, contact us.

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