Concept Testing: The Key to Innovation for Party City Products

fueling digital transformation with the disqo cx platform

Recognizing the critical role innovation plays in staying ahead of competitors, Party City embarked on a digital transformation journey focused on improving customer experience (CX). To ensure they were crafting exciting and impactful experiences for their customers, they gathered customer feedback early and often. DISQO’s CX platform played a pivotal role in de-risking innovation, saving time, and driving data-driven choices.

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Party City was passionate about elevating its customers' online experiences, but doing so demanded significant user experience (UX) changes and substantial investments of resources. Relying solely on assumptions from past experiences would not provide the clarity and confidence required to make informed decisions. Thus, the party supply company validated their new concept with actionable data to ensure it resonated with customers and was set up for success.

Concept testing is invaluable for innovative companies who are focused on ensuring their success in today's dynamic and competitive market. This involves gathering feedback from potential customers before launching a new product. By conducting concept testing, businesses gain valuable quantitative and qualitative insights to validate or invalidate ideas, ensuring that they devote resources to building the right products. 

A data-driven approach, utilizing concept testing as well as other methods of agile research, instills confidence within an organization and fosters a culture of innovation by keeping customers at the center of decision making. By engaging with potential consumers during the concept stage, teams can gauge their reactions, identify pain points, and uncover unmet needs. Armed with a deeper understanding of customers, companies can tailor their offerings to meet validated customer needs and improve CX.

The insights gathered empowered the team to get internal buy-in and showcased the value of quick, iterative consumer research throughout the development process. Party City quickly realized that getting customer feedback at every step with the DISQO CX platform is key, from ideation, to proof of concept, to name testing, and to landing page evaluation.

The platform powers innovative companies by connecting them to DISQO’s consumer audience of 2M+ people who opt-in to share their experiences and behaviors. The direct relationship ensures both quality and speed of insights, delivering actionable feedback in minutes. 

In today’s retail landscape, understanding and meeting the genuine - and constantly changing - needs of consumers is paramount.  Party City’s success leveraging the DISQO CX platform underscores the transformational power of rapid and reliable feedback to fuel innovation and create experiences customers want. To learn more about Party City's successful innovations and how the DISQO CX platform can elevate your business, download the full case study now.

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