Future-Proof Your Ad Measurement for a Cookieless Future

A new age of data transparency calls for advertising innovation

Digital advertising is in flux. As traditional identifiers such as cookies are phased out, brands are grappling with a profound shift in data collection. The challenge? How to gain a nuanced understanding of ad awareness, brand lift, outcomes performance indicators, and other critical KPIs, all while maintaining consumer trust. 

There is a way forward. By embracing a methodology grounded in a single-source consented audience, hundreds of brands are paving a new path forward, unlocking more meaningful campaign performance insights that fuel brand growth.

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Break free from siloed measurement

In a world where brand lift and behavioral outcomes have become central to full-funnel media measurement, the move away from cookies represents both a challenge and an opportunity. 

Brands are finding a happy medium by embracing a single-source methodology fueled by an audience that consents to being measured. DISQO empowers consumers with choice and control over the data they choose to share. In turn, this permission provides our ad measurement clients with a fuller picture of campaign effectiveness that combines sentiment with metered digital outcomes. This is where “transparency” transcends from buzzword to a pillar of brand integrity.

The importance of transparency with consumers

Transparency builds trust. It's not just about complying with legislation or avoiding siloed platforms. It's about fostering a connection with your audience that's rooted in respect.

Imagine gaining a comprehensive view of key brand KPIs across various dimensions: unaided and aided brand awareness, message association, brand perceptions, favorability, familiarity, consideration, purchase intent… all the way through to search behaviors, site visits and ultimately purchase outcomes. It's a holistic understanding of campaign effectiveness that goes beyond traditional barriers.

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Embrace the new era of advertising insights

The transition to a cookieless world doesn't signal a loss of insight or innovation. On the contrary, it opens a door to a more holistic understanding of our campaigns’ effectiveness. Brands are already leveraging this methodology today. What's more, they are demonstrating their commitment to transparency and their respect for consumer privacy. 

"Knowing that media channels are not just lifting brand equity measures but also getting people down the funnel with our brands has been really important for us and a really rich way to look at campaign performance beyond just the historical brand lift." 

- Emily Weishaupt, Communications Insights Manager, Nestlé Purina

They're not just adapting to change – they're leading the way, setting a precedent for advertising measurement that's both ethical and more effective.

Charting the path forward…

In the ever-changing world of advertising, staying ahead requires innovation transparency. The path to future-proofing your advertising insights lies in honoring consumers’ rights to privacy and having a choice over how their data is collected and used. This fosters your brand's credibility with your various audiences.

It's not just about finding work around collecting data in the increasingly cookieless world. It’s about cultivating authentic connections with your customers in a value exchange for information that improves the experiences they have with your brands.  The future is here, and it's transparent, consensual, and consumer-centric.

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