How Havas Media Network boosted RSV awareness with infant parents


As the cold season approaches, parents' concerns about protecting their children from illness become paramount. Among the many health threats, RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) stands out as a particularly concerning virus, especially for expectant and infant parents. Now, there's a powerful ally in the fight against RSV – a groundbreaking vaccine. 

RSV poses a serious risk to infants, making it essential for parents to be well-informed about the illness and the new vaccine. Havas Media Network North America’s (HMN) pharmaceutical client recognized the need to raise awareness and boost vaccination rates. However, conveying the seriousness of the risks without inducing panic was a delicate task. It was equally crucial to select the right platforms and channels to reach the target audience effectively.



HMN turns to DISQO to understand brand lift

HMN aimed to craft messaging that encouraged conversation and instilled confidence in parents to make the decision to vaccinate their children against RSV. To evaluate the campaign's effectiveness, the agency used DISQO’s Brand Lift product to gather digital advertising intelligence, measure campaign effectiveness, and learn what tactics moved the needle on KPIs like awareness and persuasion across different media platforms.

DISQO’s audience of over two million people who voluntarily share their brand experiences across various media channels allowed HMN to gather digital advertising intelligence by measuring and comparing the performance of different media types and channels objectively. By leveraging DISQO's single-source approach, HMN gained consistent and accurate insights into KPIs among exposed individuals and a similar group not exposed to the campaign. 


DISQO revealed HMN’s success in driving awareness and persuasion brand lift metrics

HMN's strategy of delivering meaningful messaging in trusted environments yielded remarkable results. Overall, unaided awareness of RSV increased by a significant 18 to 20 points. The most substantial shift was seen among parents in the 18-to-34 age group, with awareness surging by an impressive 38 to 42 percentage points. Additionally, parents of children aged 2 and under experienced significant increases in persuasion metrics of "concerned" and "likelihood to treat."



Want to learn more about HMN’s brand lift results and takeaways?

Interestingly, the study also shed light on the optimal frequency of ad exposure and the power of placing ads in the right, contextual environments when the agency utilized its proprietary programmatic ad server.

Download the study to learn more about the takeaways HMN gathered about communicating sensitive, but important public health messaging, the agency’s digital advertising intelligence lessons, and the campaign KPIs it achieved for its client.


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