How Warner Bros. Discovery is Proving Outcomes for its Advertisers

During a recent Ad Age webinar on innovations in ad measurement, DISQO had the opportunity to speak to Noelle Huynh, SVP of Research & Measurement at Warner Bros. Discovery. She championed the importance of holistic ad effectiveness assessment, connecting brand lift to outcomes lift, and discussed the dynamic measurement landscape at-large. Here, we feature a few of Noelle’s invaluable insights from the webinar. 

→ Watch the webinar: Transparent, Full-Funnel Measurement is Real

Q: What's your perspective on the state of the ad measurement, from ratings to effectiveness? 

We're currently in an era of exciting innovation. The shift toward a multi-currency world, supported by groundbreaking effectiveness measurement innovation, is reshaping how we measure success. 

Traditional panel methodologies for viewership measurement are no longer enough in today's media landscape. Our newer currency measurement partners are leveraging big data, including set-top box and ACR data, leading to more precise counts of diverse audiences. This brings greater granularity and stability to viewership data, enhancing our understanding of campaign impact.

The future of ad effectiveness measurement is also poised for significant transformation, driven by the need to adapt to evolving privacy regulations. As data privacy takes center stage, the industry will witness a shift toward more privacy-conscious measurement methods. We'll likely see increased emphasis on consent-based measurement, cleanroom solutions, and utilizing first-party data. These changes will empower advertisers to continue assessing campaign performance while respecting users' privacy.

Q: With Warner Bros. Discovery's diverse portfolio, how do you measure campaign performance across platforms?

Our diverse portfolio encompasses premium entertainment, sports, news, and lifestyle brands spread across multiple platforms. From brand-centric endeavors to performance-driven strategies, our campaigns span traditional TV, data-driven linear, linear addressable, and digital audience targeting. 

To address this breadth and depth of content and platforms, we've strategically partnered with multiple measurement companies, including DISQO. Our goal is to create a toolkit of complementary attribution solutions that cater to our clients' unique needs, audience segments, and platforms. These partnerships not only help us gauge campaign performance but also provide insights into the contribution of each aspect in driving business outcomes.

Q: What is your criteria in selecting measurement partners?

Our approach involves carefully selecting partners with distinct strengths to minimize redundancy. We assess partners based on innovation and their alignment with our ever-evolving industry. 

DISQO is playing a pivotal role as a consented cross-platform measurement provider. For example, we chose DISQO to help measure our streaming service Max (formerly HBO Max) due to DISQO’s massive opt-in audience and passive behavioral metering capabilities. This allows us to gain insights into downstream behaviors, web conversions, and even walled garden activities. This comprehensive view of the consumer journey post-ad exposure is indispensable for holistic campaign impact assessment.

Q: How do you address privacy and consent while measuring campaign effectiveness holistically?

Privacy and consent are fundamental principles. We take our role as responsible data stewards seriously and offer consumers transparency and choice when interacting with our digital properties. To future-proof our measurement, especially in a cookieless landscape, we're harnessing cleanrooms to facilitate secure collaboration with partners. This approach helps maintain data privacy while enabling accurate measurement – without solely relying on cookies.

Leading the media industry with strategic innovation 

Warner Bros. Discovery’s strategic approach demonstrates the company’s commitment to holistic campaign assessment and optimization as the industry adapts to changing regulations and technological advancements. For more about Noelle’s work advancing advertising measurement, listen to the on-demand Adweek webinar where she joined Teads’ Neala Brown, Havas Media Group’s Teodora Scutelino, and DISQO’s Stephen Jepson.  

→ Watch now: Transparent, Full-Funnel Measurement is Real

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