Introducing Servant Leader of the Year: Armen Gevorgyan

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We believe in Servant Leadership at DISQO. What does this leadership approach mean to you?

To me, servant leadership means embodying a set of principles that guide my actions and interactions within a team. It involves clarifying and affirming shared values, setting a personal example by aligning actions with these values, and envisioning a future of exciting possibilities. Servant leadership is about inspiring and enlisting others in a common vision, searching for innovative opportunities, and continually taking calculated risks to improve.

What’s one of your favorite or proudest DISQO leadership moments? 

Our team was challenged to launch international mobile and web applications within a quarter, starting entirely from scratch. This initiative required collaboration from multiple teams spanning product, design, mobile, web, backend, legal, security, marketing, customer support, and more, to work toward a singular objective. Accomplishing this milestone was exceptionally gratifying, demonstrating the collective commitment of all teams to the core DISQO values.

Sometimes our careers take unexpected turns. Were there any unexpected twists in your career journey and what lessons did you learn from those experiences?

I became a part of DISQO amid the pandemic as engineering manager for our mobile teams. I embraced the opportunity to listen and learn from the talented individuals around me. Initially, my contribution involved minimal support and guidance, focusing on understanding the dynamics. With a dedicated commitment to create something entirely novel and a steadfast dedication to supporting both the business and teams, we were able to progressively deliver value and enhance impact.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of being a people leader at DISQO?

The prospect of collaborating with exceptional and highly skilled individuals presents an opportunity for continuous learning and skill advancement. This involves staying abreast of contemporary tools and methodologies within the industry and being consistently challenged to apply these practices.

When you’re not focused on DISQO, what might we find you doing?

I enjoy quality time with my wife and two children. My interests include hiking and traveling to diverse countries, which allows me to delve into new cultures, meet diverse individuals, and savor a variety of cuisines and beverages.

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