Measuring Chipotle’s brand activation on Roblox with Outcomes Lift

learn how time spent on Platform impacts off-platform behaviors

As metaverse and immersive gaming platforms continue to gain traction, more brands are investing in creative brand activations that unlock opportunities to engage audiences in unique and authentic ways. While opportunities abound, the challenge in confidently measuring the impact of advertising on such platforms has presented a barrier for some marketers. However, with the ability to observe online behavior on an individual level, both on and off-platform, DISQO removed the barrier for Roblox, enabling them to deeply understand the impact of Chipotle’s branded activation amongst its users. Exploring this partnership reveals how other brands can be successful in activating within the metaverse. 

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When building a branded experience within metaverse platforms, as with other gaming platforms, it is critical to leverage their expertise on how to best engage with their audiences in an authentic and non-disruptive manner. Further, advertisers should make full use of their proprietary internal measurement tools as one way to measure effectiveness within the platform. But for a cohesive understanding of impact, seeing what happens off platform is crucial. 

Connecting in-platform engagement with off-platform activity enables brands to understand what is often a missing piece of the puzzle: what people do after they leave a game. By tracking digital behavior, in a fully-opted in and privacy-first manner, DISQO Outcomes Lift reveals what sites people visit and what they search for after being exposed to an ad. In this case, we tracked visits to the Chipotle website and relevant searches amongst those who engaged with the branded experience and a control group of those who didn't. This enabled Chipotle to understand the true impact of their activation and see how their investment in Roblox paid off. 

Our latest case study explores how DISQO helped Roblox quantify this impact by  demonstrating how Chipotle’s branded activation on Roblox drove a 10.1 pt lift in branded site visitation and a 13.6 pt lift in branded search. This meant consumers who visited Chipotle’s experience on Roblox were 5-6x more likely to search for Chipotle online or visit the Chipotle website.

Branded activations in the metaverse can connect users with brands in an authentic and engaging fashion by creating not just advertisements, but experiences. As an important touchpoint in the customer experience journey, the immersive nature of such activations can not just move the needle on KPIs (which is important!), but also foster true connections between people and brands, and have a lasting impact. 

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