Nine Questions to Ask Your Ad Measurement Provider About Social Media

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When choosing an ad measurement provider, it's crucial to ensure they can effectively assess the impact of your social media campaigns. There are many Brand Lift providers available. Here are eight essential questions to ask your provider to ensure your studies are delivering actionable insights across your entire social media campaign.

1. What methodology do you use to measure social media campaign performance?

Why This Matters: The accuracy of your brand lift measurement depends wholly on the methodology used. Many providers rely on unreliable methods to guess at ad exposure, leading to inaccurate campaign insights.

DISQO's Advantage: Because DISQO’s platform is based on its 100% owned and opted-in audience who have installed our proprietary meter, it provides deterministic, single-source measurement at scale. Unlike other providers that use methodologies like “probabilistic media exposure” or "opportunity to see,” which rely on consumer responses to survey questions, DISQO can instead passively, and accurately, capture ad exposure across all platforms. This ensures that the data you receive is reliable and reflective of true consumer engagement, providing a clear picture of your campaign's impact.

2. Can you measure the brand lift of campaigns across different media types?

Why it matters: Consumers interact with brands across multiple channels, and understanding the cumulative impact of these interactions – across all media types – is key to optimizing your marketing strategy.

DISQO’s Advantage: Only DISQO can deterministically measure ad campaign brand lift across various media types, including social media, digital platforms, Connected TV (CTV), linear TV, radio, and out-of-home (OOH). This holistic approach ensures that you get a complete picture of your campaign’s effectiveness, regardless of where your audience engages with your brand.

3. How do you handle the measurement of campaigns across siloed social media platforms?

Why it matters: While each social media platform has its own unique audience and engagement metrics and even brand lift studies, it is imperative to understand social media campaign performance across the entire social channel. 

DISQO’s Advantage: Only DISQO can provide brand lift measurement across siloed social media platforms. By leveraging its proprietary audience, DISQO shares detailed insights into how each platform contributes to overall brand lift, allowing you to fine-tune your strategies for each social channel.

4. What is the size and quality of your audience panel?

Why it matters: The reliability of brand lift measurement hinges on the quality and size of the audience panel used to collect data.

DISQO’s Advantage: DISQO boasts an identity-based platform with a 100% opted-in audience of 2.3 million members. This large, engaged audience ensures high-quality data, leading to more accurate and reliable insights into your campaign's performance.

5. How do you connect brand lift metrics to actual business outcomes?

Why it matters: Measuring brand lift is much more valuable when it is linked to real business outcomes, such as site visits, searches, or e-commerce.

DISQO’s Advantage: DISQO goes beyond traditional brand lift metrics by connecting them to outcome metrics. Because our audience opts into online behavioral measurement, you can see not only how your brand perception is changing but also how these changes are translating into tangible business results, such as increased sales or website traffic.

6. How do you ensure data privacy and compliance?

Why it matters: With increasing concerns around data privacy, it’s essential that your provider adheres to strict data protection standards.

DISQO’s Advantage: DISQO’s platform is built on a foundation of consumer consent and privacy. With a 100% opted-in audience, you can be confident that all data is collected and used ethically and in compliance with relevant regulations, ensuring the trust and safety of your customers.

7. Can you provide real-time insights during the campaign?

Why it matters: Access to real-time data allows you to make on-the-fly adjustments to improve campaign performance.

DISQO’s Advantage: DISQO’s advanced analytics platform offers real-time insights, enabling you to monitor your campaign's performance as it unfolds. This allows for timely adjustments, ensuring you can optimize your strategy to achieve the best possible results.

8. How do you handle cross-device tracking and attribution?

Why it matters: Consumers frequently switch between devices, making it challenging to track their journey and attribute brand lift accurately.

DISQO’s Advantage: Because DISQO’s measurement is identity-based you can follow your audience across different devices. With cross-device, deterministic measurement comes more accurate attribution, helping you understand the true brand lift of your social media campaigns.

9. Do you provide benchmark data to compare my campaigns against industry standards?

Why This Matters: Benchmarking your campaign performance against industry norms helps in evaluating its effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement.

DISQO's Advantage: DISQO's 2024 Social Media Ad Effectiveness Benchmarks report includes data from 900 campaigns measured since March 2021, covering 17 metrics across various industries. And, our clients have access to even more granular benchmark data within our platform. These extensive normative data enable brands to gauge their performance relative to peers and adjust strategies accordingly.  

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Choosing the right brand lift ad measurement provider is crucial for understanding the true impact of your social media campaigns. By asking these seven questions, you can ensure that your provider has the capabilities to deliver the insights you need. With its ability to measure across different media types, handle siloed platforms, and connect brand lift to outcomes, DISQO’s Brand Lift product stands out as a leader in the field, providing reliable, comprehensive, and actionable insights to help you optimize your marketing efforts.

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