Omnicom on the LGBTQ+ Audience and the Future of CX

In their newest LGBTQ+ ad study, Do the WeRQ and DISQO have created important benchmarks and a data-driven vehicle for brands to consider their LGBTQ+ marketing investments and more. As leaders for Omnicom’s LGBTQ+ ERG, OPEN Pride , we were intrigued by the insights shared in last year’s, so we were delighted to help shape this year’s effort.

We collaborated to help ensure that the questions would provoke insights valuable to our many clients. After all, agencies are held accountable for helping brands to see around corners and anticipate what’s coming next. With this responsibility for understanding trends, we reflected on the year-over-year changes in CX with LGBTQ+ brand content to identify where best to guide our teams and clients for increased inclusivity.

One of the most remarkable findings is that far fewer people this year said that they did not recall seeing LGBTQ+ ads (7%) versus last year (20%). There was also a 10-point jump in people saying that LGBTQ+ advertising feels authentic (52% in 2022 versus 42% last year). And, there was a 10-point increase in people saying that more LGBTQ+ content should be created (31% this year versus 21% last).

However, it feels worrisome that more people also said that advertising was already sufficiently inclusive of LGBTQ+ people this year versus last year (46% versus 42%).

Overall, this year’s findings marked encouraging signs of progress with the general population, but we saw that there continues to be a significant divide among how people experience LGBTQ+ advertising — depending on their age, region, and ethnic backgrounds. There’s a richness of insights to be explored across these dimensions that were just too much for a single paper, but it’s clear... there is still work to do in the way agencies and clients approach the LGBTQ+ community.

Speaking on behalf of OPEN Pride and Omnicom, we’re excited to continue to partner with DISQO and Do the WeRQ to help lead the way for change. To that end, we plan to use the data to suggest initiatives around talent, strategy, creativity, media, and the entire client interaction and relationship, specifically related to DE&I and LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Our mission in this area is far from over, but we are excited to be on this essential journey with the entire industry.

Co-Chair, OPEN Pride
Chief DE&I & Comms Officer

Co-Chair OPEN Pride
EVP, Omnicom Client Lead

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