Real Research for Real Success: Dive Deeper for Consumer Feedback

You already know what you don’t know: When it comes to introducing a new idea — be it product, feature, concept, or message — you want to know what your target consumers think. You also know there is only one way to get this information: Ask them.

That’s where the angst creeps in. Getting that essential information directly from consumers can be difficult. There is no question you need their input to make informed decisions. But research takes time and money — neither of which you happen to have.

What if we told you there’s a better way?

DISQO Experience Suite automates the creation, execution, and analysis of research. We put rapid, test-before-you-invest consumer feedback directly into your waiting hands.

It’s never been so easy to de-risk your path forward with honest-to-goodness consumer feedback.

In “Product Market Research 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Bringing in Consumer Insights,” we talked about the importance of market research for product innovators, and we included information on designing great surveys, targeting your ideal customers, and getting quality feedback fast.

Product Research 201: The Intermediate Guide to De-Risking Decisions ” dives deeper. With detailed, step-by-step instructions, we’ll teach you how to:

  • Fully but succinctly define your research objective. Tie it up into 5–10 words for maximum viability.
  • Break down your objective to testable components. The tighter your objective, the more actionable and efficient your efforts — plus the more focused your survey participants will be.
  • Create the right kinds of questions to support your objective. Do you know how and when to use the six different types of questions to elicit truthful consumer feedback? You will now!
  • Sequence your questions into a meaningful questionnaire that elicits high-quality feedback. Think of your survey as a conversation, and follow best practices to guide participants.
  • Choose the right audience to get the right data. Set up solid screeners, and employ the most effective methods to populate your participant pool.
We also include compelling, real-world product and marketing examples that will resonate with your day-to-day work, whether you are on a product team or a marketing team.

When you’re done with this guide, you’ll be able to conduct research yourself and/or with the help of a CX platform. You’ll leave with:
  1. A specific, testable, well-defined learning objective.
  2. A full, purposeful survey that supports your objective.
  3. The right pool of participants to take your survey.

You already know what you don’t know. Now you’ll also know how to get that information. No more decision-making based on your gut or what your roommates think. No more waiting months for data that comes too late to inform your everyday decisions. You can conduct real research and get real feedback from real consumers in real-time to iterate your way to real success.

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