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Consumer perspectives on alcohol and non-alcohol alternatives

Glass half-full

The alcohol industry has been on a roller coaster ride over the past few years. Sales were extremely robust in 2020 and 2021, but growth is becoming harder to achieve. Alcohol consumption decreased slightly YoY in 2022, partially driven by recessionary conditions, personal health priorities, and the availability of non-alcoholic (NA) alternatives.

Given the dynamic nature of the alcohol and NA alternative space, DISQO conducted an in-depth survey with over 30k consumers to assess current behaviors and sentiments. Our report reveals many challenges and opportunities for brands looking to stay ahead of the pack. Below are a few insights to preview the larger report.

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Cheers to your health

Health and wellness continues to dominate the attention of many beverage brands - and this is especially true in the beverage alcohol industry. As such, we asked consumers a variety of questions about the importance of health / wellness in driving their drinking behaviors.

Health-Focused Attitudes Towards Alcoholic Beverages
Alcohol Drinkers Only


[R]evolution of moderation

With health-related considerations coming more into focus within the alcohol category increasing over the past decade, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of non-alcoholic alternatives available to consumers. But is health really the only thing driving them to pursue these alternatives? Not at all. Our report highlights the wealth of reasons people will either temporarily or permanently abstain from alcohol in their day-to-day lives.

Primary Reasons for Not Consuming Alcohol
Non-Drinkers Only


Download the free report now to see what else consumers think about alcohol and non-alcohol alternatives. Discover implications for marketers looking to expand their strength in this evolving space, and how DISQO's unique products can drive growth.

Our report walks through:

  • Consumption: Which beverages are seeing the most consumption currently, and which have grown most in the past year? 
  • Health: How are personal health, NA substitution, and calorie labeling impacting consumer attitudes towards alcohol and NA alternatives?
  • Attributes: Which features are most impactful in driving consumers towards alcohol and NA beverages?
  • Alternatives: What are some reasons pushing certain consumers towards NA options, and what’s holding others back?
  • Messaging: How can NA brands capture additional share-of-wallet among interested - but not yet converted - consumers?

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