Why DISQO is taking home the gold in ad measurement

Outcomes Lift empowers advertisers to see beyond traditional metrics

At DISQO, we’re dedicated to helping our clients win big with their customers. We go beyond in every way to ensure client success and have a whole team dedicated to just that, so we’re honored to share that our Outcomes Lift product was recently named Best Advancement in Measurement at the Cynopsis Measure Up! Awards. The competition was stiff with Nielsen, Innovid, and Clear Channel Outdoor as fellow nominees, but DISQO proudly took home the gold! 

Our recent case study with R&R Partners for iconic Las Vegas tourism campaigns is a testament to the power of our Outcomes Lift product. Everyone is familiar with Las Vegas, and most people want to go whenever they can, so how do you show that tourism advertising moves the needle? The answer lies in showcasing customer journey behavioral impacts as only DISQO can. 

We’re also so proud that Warner Bros. Discovery has selected DISQO as a preferred ad effectiveness measurement partner. They stand tall with an impressive roster of brands, agencies and media companies that trust DISQO to understand the entirety of campaign effectiveness, not just what people think after they see ads, but also what they do. 

DISQO’s ad effectiveness insights are fueled by our first-party, opted-in audience. Their consent allows our clients to see their whole journey across channels and platforms while reducing reliance on deprecating digital identifiers like cookies.

As marketers grapple with partial views of the customer experience (CX), gaps in campaign measurement, and the complexity of sandboxes and clean rooms,  DISQO offers a sustainable path forward. It’s called consumer consent. 

With full-funnel metrics from awareness, to site visitation, to e-commerce purchase actions, the insights clients build using DISQO’s platform demonstrate exactly where advertising is working – and where it needs to be optimized. Our uniform, person-based methodology across social, mobile, CTV and digital allows advertisers to report on campaign effectiveness without relying on siloed tech integrations - even for hard-to-measure platforms like TikTok.


Don’t just take our word for it! Hear what our clients are saying: 

“DISQO meets our core criteria for objective, full-funnel, and cross-platform measurement of ad effectiveness across our digital portfolio. We’re committed to pairing the unparalleled quality of our content with holistic and industry-leading measurement and accountability, which DISQO is helping us to provide.”

 - Andrea Zapata, EVP, Head of Ad Sales Research, Measurement and Insights, Warner Bros. Discovery

“Knowing that media channels are not just lifting brand equity measures but also getting people down the funnel with our brands has been really important for us and a really rich way to look at campaign performance beyond just historical brand lift.” 

- Emily Weishaupt, Communications Insights Manager, Nestlé Purina .

“As the world’s leading music video network, it’s critical that we have the right tools to prove the value of our content and how we can drive key client KPIs. DISQO’s Outcomes Lift has helped us show the specific behavioral impacts that happen post ad exposure on Vevo, expanding our measurement toolkit.”

- Maegan Nevins, Director of Analytics, Vevo

“What makes DISQO unique is the ability to measure behavioral lift from our ad campaigns, which is instrumental in showcasing the real-world impact we drive for our clients.”

- Brandi Skrtich, Corporate Media Strategy Director, R&R Partners

Interested in leveling up your campaign measurement? Download DISQO’s recent case study with R&R Partners to understand how we help brands power cross-platform campaign measurement, and get in touch about our Outcomes Lift product now.

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