Winning the In Game Advertising Opportunity

How brands can capitalize on the gaming advertising boom

Gaming has surged in popularity in recent years. Between lockdown-induced behaviors, the rise of competitive esports, and the emergence of the metaverse, gaming is now a thriving marketing medium for modern brands. However, like any new advertising medium, there are both opportunities and challenges for those considering gaming advertising spend.

Here, we introduce the unique opportunity that in-game advertising offers brands and agencies to reach new audiences and elevate campaign impact. This article sets the stage for DISQO’s in-game advertising report, which offers a deeper dive into consumer perspectives and behaviors related to this burgeoning medium. 



Level up with new audiences 

The democratization of gaming has been the biggest catalyst behind the industry’s evolution. From casual mobile gamers to dedicated console enthusiasts, gaming has permeated nearly every demographic. Traditionally, the world of gaming has been relegated to young males; now, people of all ages and backgrounds are embracing gaming, offering brands a wide canvas to paint their marketing strategies. 

Today, most consumers own, or have access to, a smartphone. The prolific nature of smartphones provides a cross-generational platform for consumers to engage with. Brands can’t ignore the vast opportunities available in mobile gaming advertising if they want their in-game advertising strategy to have an impact. Our in-game advertising report offers a deeper dive into the variety of players on the market, where they play, and how often.


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Experiment with new ad formats

Not only are there a variety of gaming platforms available to consumers, but there are also a diverse array of gaming advertising formats for brands to consider, such as advergames, interstitial ads, and playable ads. Some of the in-game advertising formats available are:

  • In-game experiences or contests;
  • Bonus content that requires ads to access;
  • Embedded ads in the gaming environment;
  • Several ads every 10 minutes;
  • Ads that can be skipped with in-game currency;
  • Premium game versions that withhold ads; or
  • A large number of ads every time the game opens

However, not all advertising formats are popular with gamers. Our in-game advertising report provides insight into the receptivity of gaming advertising and preferred in-game ad formats by the actual players. We see similar consumer reactions to mobile game advertising in our upcoming 2024 Consumer Trends report, releasing soon. Targeting the right audience, on the right gaming platform, with the preferred ad format, is crucial to win players over to your brand. 


Metaverse gaming momentum

The metaverse offers immersive experiences for consumers and an ideal platform for contextualized brand interactions. It's quickly becoming a key marketing medium. Our report reveals that over one-third of the US population could be interacting with the metaverse within the next 5-10 years. With an assertive approach to metaverse gaming ads, there’s an opportunity for brands to increase their reach and engagement. Publishers that lean into immersive experiences with virtual reality technologies, and brands enhancing the customer experience through innovation, will come out on top.




A wealth of untapped potential for brands and advertising agencies 

By understanding the diverse gaming populations’ consumer behaviors and preferences, prioritizing the gaming experience, and embracing innovation, brands can unlock the full potential of in-game advertising and create lasting connections with gamers. Download our report to learn more about the key implications for brands ready to level up their in-game advertising efforts. 


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