Cambia Uses Feedback Loop to Inject Consumer Feedback Into Innovation

Cambia's product, marketing, innovation, and UXR teams use Feedback Loop to help them validate concepts and designs so they can bring innovative health solutions to market.


With roots in the Pacific Northwest logging camps of a century ago, where the community came together to take care of each other, Cambia Health Solutions is not your run-of-the-mill health-care company. Cambia places a cause at its center: to serve as a catalyst to transform health care, creating a person-focused and economically sustainable health-care system. And at the center of that is its 100-year legacy of transformation and innovation. This was formally organized in 2011 as the Innovation Force (IF), which operates like a start-up accelerator within the company, supporting business units and creating new products.

At IF’s heart are Cambia employees, who share in the company’s research and development efforts, engaging fully in the innovation process. They call these employees “igniters.”

Max Janasik, VP of Innovation at Cambia Health Solutions

“Igniters are people with ideas,” explains Max Janasik, Cambia’s vice president of innovation. “They’re fueled by passion. Something inside of them says, ‘I can change the system.’’’

Coached to develop and refine their ideas, igniters aren’t afraid to surface and develop them with other igniters across the company. One such idea led to the formation of MedSavvy, a Cambia company that gives people access to safety and effectiveness data on prescription drugs.


Reliably validating ideas and incorporating customer research

Sean Karbowicz, GM of Medsavvy

“We knew we were onto something to make complex medical information simple and easy to understand for everyday people,” says Dr. Sean Karbowicz, general manager of MedSavvy. “The Innovation Force has been a wealth of information and resources for the MedSavvy team. They helped us with our business case, product design and development of the product.

“And the Innovation Force introduced us to Feedback Loop. We’re always learning from consumers. We might have opinions among ourselves, as we’re designing the product, that we think are very interesting or we think are right, but you never know unless you put it in front of a consumer and see what they actually do with it.”

Nicole Cathcart, Director of Innovation at Cambia Health Solutions

Feedback Loop, the agile research platform for rapid consumer feedback, has enabled Cambia and MedSavvy to quickly test and validate a range of ideas to develop their products, and to apply the voice of their customer to everything from videos to pitch decks.

“Research is changing tremendously, because consumers are changing tremendously,” says Nicole Cathcart, Cambia’s director of innovation. “Since using Feedback Loop, we’ve injected customer research into every step of our development.”

Explore Feedback Loop’s client story library to learn how Feedback Loop’s rapid consumer feedback platform allows teams to test, learn, and make data-driven decisions in ever-changing markets. 

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