Elevating Trackers with the Right Partnerships

Ensure Consistency and Relevance in a Dynamic Market Landscape

When it comes to trackers, nothing is more important than a consistent and reliable sample source. For trustworthy results wave over wave, you need partners who deliver now and for the long term. Moreover, you need partners who can adapt as trackers evolve (and they do evolve!) and as market conditions change.

Tracker Fundamentals

Tracking studies are essential tools in the market research toolkit, providing a critical way for brands to monitor key metrics over time. By offering a continuous view into market behaviors, preferences, and trends, they furnish invaluable insights that fuel business decisions. The essence of a tracker lies in its consistent and representative sample frame, ensuring that the insights gleaned are the result of changes over time, not other factors. A good tracker attempts to hold as many variables as possible constant from wave to wave, but also remains flexible to stay relevant over time.

Adapting to Market Dynamics

There's a delicate balance between maintaining consistency in your sample frame and adapting to evolving market dynamics. A reevaluation ensures the sample, including which partners fuel the study, remains reliable and accurately reflects the market. The trick is to know when and how to tweak the sample frame while maintaining the integrity of the longitudinal data.

What to Ask Sample Partners

Choosing the right sample partners is a cornerstone for the success of your tracking studies. Their commitment and capabilities can significantly impact the value a tracker provides. Here are four things you should always consider when selecting partners:

  • Understand Your Audience Source: Know where your sample comes from. Is your sample coming directly from your partner’s audience or also from their partner network? Any uncertainty about the true source of sample breeds uncertainty about tracker results. With DISQO’s direct relationship with our audience, there’s full transparency on who participants are and where they come from; we never outsource.
  • Ensure Sufficient Scale: The size of your audience should be robust enough to provide reliable results wave over wave, no matter how frequent the cadence. Leveraging DISQO's vast consumer audience, the largest in the US, ensures you can count on hitting quotas in line with project specs every time."
  • Data Quality: Nothing jeopardizes the value of a tracker and degrades confidence among clients and stakeholders as much as bad data. Amidst ongoing industry challenges, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your partner not only talks the talk regarding data quality but walks the walk. DISQO’s industry-leading end-to-end quality program ensures you can confidently stand behind your results.
  • Long-term Commitment: Seek partners committed for the long haul, investing in both their audience and in systems and technology. A partner's willingness to continually invest ensures that your tracking studies remain relevant and robust amidst changing market dynamics. DISQO’s continual investment in improving the scale of our direct audience, quality of results, and efficiency in delivery showcases our commitment to being a reliable tracker partner now and in the future.

Deliver Results and Build Client Confidence

Doing things right with your tracking studies builds and maintains clients' confidence. A reliable sample source delivers more than data; it provides trust, consistency, and actionable insights to drive key decisions. As market landscapes shift, it's crucial to stay updated on your partners’ capabilities and their willingness to evolve. Periodic review of your partners ensures they’re ready to support your tracking studies amidst evolving market dynamics and research methodologies.

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