Full-funnel campaign perspective

DISQO’s new case study -- Dialing up campaign impact with Brand and Outcomes Lift -- highlights the success that Boost Mobile had executing an advertising campaign with Russell Westbrook Digital and its programmatic solutions partner Causal IQ.

The campaign, targeted at consumers who were not current Boost customers, aimed to lift brand perception and increase digital engagement. DISQO’s ad measurement solution, delivered a unified view of Brand Lift and Outcomes Lift metrics, measuring the full-funnel impact of the campaign and showed that it was a success across the board. 

We sat down with Jennifer Laing, VP, Operations at Causal IQ to learn more about the partnership with RW Digital, her experience leading execution of the Boost campaign, and her thoughts on the state of advertising measurement. 

Q: Jennifer, tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Causal IQ and the relationship you’ve forged with Russell Westbrook Digital.

A:  I’ve been in the advertising industry for nearly 20 years. I started on the display side of the ad business working with networks and later moved into the programmatic world. I’ve always been on the operations side, focusing on working with clients, managing campaigns and delivering results.

I oversee the full operational team at Causal IQ and also at RW Digital, the digital advertising arm of Russell Westbrook Enterprises. We started the partnership with RW in 2021 with a goal of connecting advertisers with multicultural audiences and amplifying minority voices.

Q: Given all you’ve seen in your time in the industry, what would you say is the biggest challenge you and your team faces when evaluating the impact of advertising today?

A: Our biggest challenge is making sure we have a measurable way to make an impact and do so honestly. Our Ops team works closely with planning and sales and we critically view KPIs and measurement plans. We want to be 100% confident in our success and want to be able to measure that success. The rise of new ad formats such as CTV and Digital Out of Home make this more challenging than simply setting a pixel. We always think about what the impact of the campaign will be on end consumers and work to educate clients about what’s possible. Sometimes the expectations they bring in aren’t realistic and we want to be straight about that. 

Q: What prompted you to work with DISQO on this campaign with Boost Mobile?

A: We started working with Boost about a year ago and ran a CPA focused campaign. While we thought the campaign performed very well, they had a post-click conversion bias so there was a discrepancy in our reporting.  However, due to the relationship we had built with Boost, our internal champion at the brand that really wanted to focus on increasing engagement and driving mid-funnel activity. We wanted to demonstrate our impact on behavior as well as measuring brand lift and didn’t want to grade our own homework. We wanted to work with someone who could validate our work in front of the client.

Q: What goals did you have going into the Boost Mobile campaign we talk about in the case study?

A: This was a video campaign and our goals were pretty straightforward and ambitious. We wanted to drive video completion and see lift across the board. We were very pleased that our video completion rate for the campaign was 80% and we did in fact see lift at the top and middle funnel. Our client was very pleased!. 

Q: How did the results you achieved by working with DISQO on full-funnel measurement differ from previous efforts measuring advertising impact?

A: Working with DISQO, we were able to see results that we simply weren’t able to see with the tools we used for previous campaigns where all we had was a pixel to measure conversions. The ability to to measure the campaign using the DISQO audience let us understand site visitation, search behavior and brand sentiment in a way that wasn’t otherwise possible. 

Q: What were the most surprising insights you gained from the study with Boost? How have they impacted what you think about what is possible?

A: What we really enjoyed was seeing overall positive lift across the board and I suppose what was surprising was how pleased the client was with the results! This validated our work and helped us win continued business. They now want to run DISQO measurement alongside all their campaigns.

Q: How are the measurement results of this campaign going to inform your future campaign planning? 

A: One thing that stood out for us was the strong lift across different demos and regions. Without giving too much away, this will help us push the budget in the right directions and strategically target geographically. 

Thanks so much for your time today, Jennifer. It’s been great to partner with Causal IQ and RW Digital and we wish you much success in the future with Boost Mobile and beyond.

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